The Atomic Machines


Rest in Peace Dan Dafoe

IMG_2160We cannot even begin to express the sorrow we are feeling at this moment for the loss of our brother and frontman Dan Dafoe. Dan was the most dedicated, hardest working, selfless, honorable, generously loving and trustworthy persons we have ever known. Dan would give you the shirt off of his own back if you needed it. Always with a smile and positivity in his heart wherever he went. Dan’s vision for Atomic Machines was shown every single day with his commitment and generosity towards the band. May his soul speak through his music that he loved so much.
Dans passion for life was infectious, and we are so thankful for the times we shared with him.
You are loved by so many – and will be greatly missed Dan. You will never be forgotten. Your music will live with us forever.

Show With Authority Zero!!!


West Coast Tour

atomic flyerWe are heading out on the road this November! Hitting up the coast from San Diego up to Portland, Oregon. We are continuing to write new material each and everyday and will be performing all our new stuff, so come on out! We look forward to seeing all our friends on the West Coast.


Come on out to Thee Parkside

Dirty Rats Out!

Dirty Rats
We’re releasing Dirty Rats officially! it a limited run.. We’d like to thank local artist..our friend Zio Ziggler for contributing the artwork. We’d also like to thank Pat at Prooflab for putting it together. Thanks for letting us have the rock box… Huge thanks to Scott Llamas over at Popsmear Studios for recording, mixing, mastering, and producing. We will be releasing more new music shortly. Finally, we want to thank all our family, friends and fans for there support. See you at the next show!


Rock Box

Here is a little footage of us in our new rehearsal studio we converted from an old shipping container. We like to call it “The Rock Box”

Promo Video

Check it out! We just threw together a little promo video from some clips of live shows that we’ve had.

Unbound Sound Show 10-9-13@9pm

fcc_free_radioWe’ll be hanging out on air with the Unbound Sound Show on FCCFree Radio in San Francisco. The radio station is also the media sponsor for Mocktoberfest and will be hosting the live music portion of it. In order to promote it, we’re going to jump on the show October 9th at 9pm. Check us out!