The Atomic Machines

Mocktoberfest – 10/19&10/25

Mocktoberfest is the first and only Punk & Edge Arts festival of its kind in Northern California. It is a four day event on October 19, 25–27, 2013. Each day includes a lineup of musical performances, films, and a docentmockybravo art display.  Attendees are encouraged to bring in ’zines (local, small circulation, self-publications) for exchange at our ’Zine Library, the first of its kind in Vallejo. We’ll be playing on the 19th and the 25th!!!

Mocktoberfest will also feature a historical art display: “The Spirit of Punk, from Then to Now”with notable speakers & visual displays.

Because the goal of this event is to benefit local youth music, we are making this event accessible to an all ages audience.  There will be no alcohol, no drugs, no racism, no sexism, no violence, and the show ends at 10 pm sharp.

10 kids, chosen by lottery, will be provided with a music instrument of their choice, and professional lessons to learn in the style of their personal musical preference. Description

As a curated arts event, Mocktoberfest is designed to provide a holistic art and music experience. We are partnered with the Mira Theater Guild 501c3.

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